Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Preempt Your Competition

Lessons from Local Motors– Part 2-Preempt Your CompetitionIn Part 1 of this story we focused on how Local Motors “crowd-sourced” the design of a vehicle for an underserved market niche. Their first car, the Rally Fighter, is an off-road vehicle (desert terrain) that can double as a family car on the road. In Part 2 we examine how Local Motors has captured the essence of how the very concept of luxury is evolving. It is becoming experiential not just material.As a luxury real estate marketing professional, can you state your unique promise of value in just a few words? Local Motors can: Make C.O.O.L. Cars!Community: The world’s largest community of designers, engineers and enthusiasts come together here to help design and develop carsOpen Source: Open Source chassis data, open development process (collaboration with no secrets)Ownership Experience: From design to build to service and community experiences.Local: Cars are built, sold and serviced locally in Micro-FactoriesPerhaps, the most unique aspect of Local Motors is the ownership experience. When you purchase your vehicle you are invited to work alongside the experts to build it. Based on your skill level, a customized program is designed to give you hands on experience. It takes only two weekends (6 days) to build your own car and you will have a Designated Builder Trainer to help you. According to Local Motors, “When you come into one of the Local Motors micro-factories you will be sure to meet friends for life”. For car enthusiasts, this brand of ownership experience is true luxury!By breaking new ground with this experiential ownership model any other car company will appear as a “copy cat”. It is what we call a preemptive strategy that is virtually inimitable without becoming a “me-too” brand. This is the sign of market leadership.How can you break new ground in your luxury real estate market arena and preempt your competition?

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